Businesses admonished to shun falsification of immigration documents


Businesses especially those seeking to establish presence in the global market space have been urged to eschew falsification of documents.

This, according to Askia Immigration Consulting Services, a regulated Immigration Consultant will ensure the smooth visa acquisition.

Speaking on the sidelines of the CEOs Connect Business Conference organized by the Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce here in Accra, the Founder and CEO of Askia Immigration Consulting Services, Madam Marie Keita Amarteifio encouraged business enterprises to keep accurate data in order to safeguard the growth of their businesses.

“They should be truthful and provide their information with accuracy. For example, if you are going for a mining conference and you are in the food processing business, you have to clearly state your purpose and how it connects with your business,” she explained.

“This is where Askia Immigration Consulting Services comes in to help you to reduce the instances of immigration difficulties,” she added.

Askia Immigration Consulting Services is a regulated Immigration Consultancy Firm based in Accra-Ghana providing professional immigration services across West Africa and beyond.

Exclusive services provided include electronic travel authorization, temporary resident visa, interview preparation, business visitors, super visa and assistance with previous refusal.

Contact info:
Email: [email protected]
Hotlines: 059- 544-9054/ 024-131-8890

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