Ghana to present ‘limitless opportunities’ at Dubai 2020 Expo


As part of efforts to boost the inflow of foreign direct investment into the local economy, Ghana will be participating in the Dubai 2020 Expo under the theme “limitless opportunities”.

The expo will see many countries of the world exhibiting their trade and economic potentials to the global market within six months starting from October 2021.

Ghana, like many other countries, will set up a pavilion at the expo to display opportunities in various sectors of the economy that are worthy of global interest and investments.

The Ghanaian Pavilion will focus on local Business Development, Tourism and Culture.

Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Herbert Krapa in a media address earlier on Monday at the Ministry of Information said Ghana stands to benefit a lot from the Dubai 2020 Expo.

“Ghana is hoping to participate fully in the expo to attract investment into the country and to be able to showcase the country’s potential and also promote private sector businesses. We are hoping that the business to business and Government to businesses meetings will yield foreign direct investment into Ghana,” Mr Krapa told the media.

Mr Krapa also said the country’s participation in such events will position Ghana strategically to be able to host such events in the future.

He said it also offers learning opportunities for Ghanaians participating and also enhances the country’s diplomatic relations with other participating countries.

Ministers for Education, Tourism and Agriculture will take turns to participate in panel discussions at the Expo that will focus on addressing specific challenges facing such sectors and also share knowledge and experience with the world.

Mr. Herbert Krapa also told the media that the Ministry of Trade and Industry has prepared a pocket guide that provides relevant information on the location of Ghana’s pavilion at the expo and other necessary information.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Yofi Grant, taking his turn to address the press, said “there will be a Ghana day celebration on the 8th of March 2022 in Dubai as part of events lined up for the Expo”.

Mr Grant said Ghana’s rich culture will be on display.

Visa and accreditation arrangements will be facilitated by the organizing team and the ministry of trade and industry with support from the ministry of foreign affairs.

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