Government must address infrastructural concerns to boost domestic tourism – Hotels association


The Ghana Hotels Association says efforts must be made to address the infrastructure deficits across the country to chalk major successes with the government’s domestic tourism drive.

According to the Association, poor road networks, and unstable phone connectivity among others in parts of the country discourage people from patronizing tourist attractions in such areas.

President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike stressed that until these concerns are addressed local tourism may not be explored to its full capacity.

He stated that he has “always commented that, it’s a complete picture approach because the domestic tourism itself hinges on a lot of things. There are governance issues, security issues etc. You keep on hearing about highway robberies, internet coverage, road network, the business environment, the regulators, those things will all have to be in place”.

The government had earlier launched the domestic tourism campaign as part of efforts towards reviving the sector from the impact of the pandemic.

The aim was to grow the local base to make up for the deficit created in the sector by the pandemic.
Since the outbreak, tourism across the world took a major hit due to associated restrictions with which the pandemic came.

The government hopes to fill the gap created by the major dip in international tourist visits in the country by growing local interest in tourism.

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