Supporting Cook-a-Thon with Painting


In order to encourage chef Failatu Abdul-Razak’s bid to break the Guinness Book of Records, Mustapha Mohammed Demaliya, an artist at the People’s Art Execution and Training Village in Tamale, has painted numerous portraits of the chef and her cook-a-thon event.

In a Tuesday interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tamale, Mr. Demaliya stated that his art site, which is situated across from the cook-a-thon location, offered a chance to demonstrate Chef Failatu’s appreciation for her work outside of the kitchen so that onlookers might more fully appreciate it.

“We can support with our talents if we are unable to provide financial support,” he stated.

Additionally, the artist painted chef Failatu’s food, portraying her cook-a-thon gesture as one that reflected the nation.

In one of the paintings, Failatu’s hand was extended to hold a ladle filled with soup and a black star on a background of the colors of the flag.

According to Mr. Demaliya, the paintings depict the nation as a place with endless potential, much like the chef who labored for hours on end to create these masterpieces.

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